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CV. Mega Jaya Logam (Jawa Tengah, Indonesia)

CV. Mega Jaya Logam is a company engaged in the field of industrial foundries and machining, which is supported by the engine induction system merging with the modern beside smelting system with cup-pattern is still our oprasionalkan, seta staff employees who are experts in the respective fields respectively, and also supported other equipment such as lathes, milling drilling, Shot blasting, Scrub that in total there are about 54 units. Our factory is located in the metal casting industry Ceper, we are partnering with the polytechnics manufacturing Ceper for the purposes of the test material in the laboratory, quality of our products have been tested and trusted because we have experienced for decades, and supported by system management professionals on the go CV. Mega Jaya Logam has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 which guarantees the quality of each of our products.
Superior product that we produce are as follows:
1. Bollard / Bolder
2. Grill Manhole, Plant Grill, Grill Catchment, etc.
3. Drain Deck
4. Roof Drain
5. Light Pole
6. Hydrant
7. All products are made from Cast Iron (FC), FCD, Manganese Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Alfa Bronze etc.
We serve foundry services in accordance with customer orders. Not only for local customers, but we also serve orders from all over Indonesia, even abroad.


Bakalan Baru, Ds. Batur, Kec. Ceper, Kab. Klaten Klaten
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia


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